sexta-feira, julho 06, 2012

The magic drops of my affection

A hug that involves and touches my head on your chest, free you from your fears.
A goodnight kiss on the palm of your hand, gives you a free night of nightmares and undisturbed sleep.
If I kiss the corner of your mouth, you'll feel love entering hidden and getting to the heart.
If I ask you for silence, then all your inside monsters will not hear about your fears anymore.
If I caress your pulse, your blood will circulate more strongly and this way, you'll feel more alive.
When I caress your neck and you close your eyes to feel.
When I draw your face using my fingertips and then you repay, making me ashamed.
When I kiss you, just below your ear.
When I hold you and feel your heart beating stronger.
When you hold me, feel my heart and ask if it's for you, and me, a little scared, say no.
But you know that it's about you.
If I hide what I wish, or if you surprise me with a hidden affection...
Did you know that my love is magic?
My hands make your soul floating, and my hugs free you from all that is bad and my kisses cure any wound.
I know you're real, because you are all that I ever asked to God, and He never misses. Do you know how lucky you are?

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